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A New Land & Water Strategy 

A RENEWED VISION: These illustrations imagine how Sidney might use sustainable green infrastructure to mitigate flooding. Our renewed vision needs to consider:​​

  • How should vacant land be transformed?

  • What heritage and cultural histories can we share?

  • Which areas are best suited to hold floodwater?

  • What does our natural ecosystem need to thrive?

  • How can we conserve spaces for recreation, entertainment and education?

  • Which local government, academic, nonprofit, and private sector partners want to help?

Sidney’s new Waterfront Plan for the Susquehanna riverfront will help the Village to adapt to change and meet challenges with resilience.

New flood warning gauges are critical to keeping Sidney safe!

about the LWRP.

A new land and water strategy for Sidney’s Susquehanna riverfront is being developed under a grant provided by New York State Department of State (DOS). Multiple community events, focus groups and surveys conducted during the 2021-2022 visioning process in partnership with The Nature Conservancy gave the Village the opportunity to build consensus on waterfront projects and share information about the LWRP as a central implementation tool and framework for waterfront use. The plan that emerged from this process, Envision Sidney's Resilient Riverfront, and Sidney's LWRP will work in tandem to capitalize on opportunities to enhance the waterfront experience in the village for residents, workforce and visitors. A final public meeting for review of the plan will be held after DOS approval of the draft LWRP.


This project will develop a full formal Local Waterfront Revitalization Program and will include the following components.

  • Waterfront Revitalization Area (WRA) Boundary

  • Inventory and Analysis

  • Local Waterfront Revitalization Program Policies

  • Proposed Land and Water Uses and Proposed Projects

  • Techniques for Local Implementation of the Program

  • Federal and State Actions and Programs Likely to Affect Implementation of the LWRP

  • Local Commitment and Consultation

  • State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR)

  • Draft and Final Document

See for more information on the program. The DOS site explains the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program in detail, as well as providing resources such as: 

  • How to develop a Revitalization Program

  • Overview of plans & regulatory tools communities have adopted to implement state & local coastal policies

  • Description of LWRP approval process

  • Case studies of LWRPs across New York State

  • Model laws designed to increase resilience and tools for mitigating effects of climate change on natural and built environments

Sidney's waterfront.

Explore Sidney's Riverfront and adjacent Village areas in this waterfront video. 

Resilient Sidney
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Watch The Nature Conservancy's  5-minute film about the Community Visioning Process in Sidney and Edgemere, the two NYS communities awarded this opportunity. 

Community Visioning: Creating a Safer Future Together

Community Visioning: Creating a Safer Future Together

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The Village is pleased to share ENVISION SIDNEY'S RESILIENT RIVERFRONT, the final plan that emerged from the Village's intensive visioning process with Sidney residents to identify the community's vision for our open space along the Susquehanna riverfront. Sidney's Local Waterfront Revitalization Program will act as a central implementation tool and framework for waterfront uses envisioned during this intensive process.


Visit the ENVISION SIDNEY'S RESILIENT RIVERFRONT page for further detail on Sidney's 2021-2022 initiative that offered an intensive revisioning of the Village of Sidney's 2014 Managed Retreat Program. Our village was one of only two communities awarded this opportunity to engage the public in deciding how to use new open space along our waterfront, including over 100 parcels of land bought out to date by the Village's Managed Retreat Program. The visioning events began in October 2021 and the final plan was completed in late spring 2022. The Village used various community engagement and participation approaches, providing the Sidney community with dozens of options to engage. Watch the videos above for an overview of the waterfront visioning process and to experience an aerial flyover of the new open space areas in the Village.